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VERITAS 12m Telescope

VERITAS(Very High Energy Radiation Imaging Telescope Array System) is a new, premier observatory at photon energies exceeding 50 GeV. The 12m Cherenkov telescopes are based on the design of the Whipple Observatory 10m telescope used to pioneer detection of TeV radiation using the imaging techique. At present, two of the four Cherenkov Imaging telescopes have been constructed and functioning to specifications in southern Arizona. The full 4-telescope array is scheduled for completion at the beginning of 2007. ISU has primary responsibility for the nanosecond photomultiplier camera at the focal plane of the detector. For more on ISU's contributions see ISU-VERITAS.

Cosmic Ray Coincident Events

SGARFACE. The Short GAmma Ray Front Air Cherenkov Experiment. The SGARFACE experiment is an extension of the Whipple 10m gamma ray telescope that provides sensitivity to short bursts of E > 200 MeV gamma rays. A search for Hawking Radiation from primordial black holes was carried out between 2003 - 2008, final results will be reported soon.


The Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope (GLAST) will open the high-energy world to exploration and help us to answer many scientific questions. With GLAST, astronomers will at long last have a superior tool to study how black holes, which are notorious for pulling matter in and can accelerate jets of gas outward at fantastic speeds. Physicists will be able to study subatomic particles at energies far greater than those seen in ground-based particle accelerators. And cosmologists will gain valuable information about the birth and early evolution of the Universe.


Relativistic Jet

The acceleration of relativistic charged particles is one of the main unsolved, yet fundamental problems in modern astrophysics. We conduct theoretical studies of particle acceleration and propagation with a particular interest in supernova remnants and active galactic nuclei. The methods used include Monte-Carlo simulations, particle-in-cell simulations, and analytical treatments.