DOE Site visit - August 2011


The meeting will take place in Rm 19, Physics Hall (Map). Parking is available North of Pammel Dr across from the Ames lab. Please see Linda Shuck at Rm 12 (main office) for visitor parking-passes. There will be wireless connection available in the meeting room.


Rm. 19
Tuesday, August 23, 2011
9:00 am

Chair: Frank Krennrich

Overview: VERITAS results, upgrade and CTAF. Krennrich25 min PDF
Blazar spectra: VERITAS, Fermi & EBLM. Orr15 min PDF
Multi-TeV Spectral AnalysisA. Madhavan10 min PDF
Galactic scienceA. Weinstein25 min --
The VERITAS Trigger upgrade & CTAA. Weinstein15 min PDF
DQM for VERITASM. Orr15 min PDF
GrISU SimulationsC. Duke10 min PDF
Budget discussions (PIs only)F. Krennrich5 min -