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Graduate Student Reseach

There is a broad range of opportunities for graduate student research in high-energy/very-high-energy astrophysics here. Professor Pohl has a very active theory group working in relativistic shocks, cosmology, particle acceleration mechanisms, etc. He also is heavily involved with the GLAST satellite gamma-ray project.

Professors Krennrich and Carter-Lewis have a variety of projects involving hardware design, electronic design, observing programs and data analysis. The science involves searches for gamma-rays primordial black holes, acceleration mechanisms in jets from Blazars and supernova remnants, and mapping the intergalactic background radiation field.

Students doing an experimental/observation thesis would normally design, build and test a piece of equipment, use it in observations with the VERITAS array, analyze and interpret data. We are fortunate to have both experimentalists and theorists within the group opening a wide and versitile spectrum of thesis work possibilities.

A description of graduate student life, admission steps, PhD requirements, etc., can be found on the ISU Physics and Astronomy Department web page.